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Get paid to drive your own classic car! Owners of stunning and beautiful classic cars can now add their vehicles to the extensive BookAclassic database to make money from their stylish investments. The exciting global platform is available to use across the whole country.

Classic and vintage cars evoke a sense of elegance and nostalgia that people often want to take advantage of for big events, from weddings to school leavers balls. Owners of these impressive vehicles from another era can now benefit from the BookAclassic offering by hiring out their car for people to use, from show-stopping Ferraris to heritage Bentleys from the 1920s they all have a place on the platform. Vehicles on the site are cumulatively worth more than several hundred million pounds with the value increasing as new car enthusiasts join the portal.

BookAclassic gives owners of classic cars complete freedom in renting out their car, enabling them to pick and choose the events and jobs they take. Owners can also stay with their car all day and even double up as chauffeurs to ensure their vehicle is treated with the respect it deserves. With so many vintage car lovers across the country, owners of the exclusive and luxurious cars can turn their interest and hobby into a profitable pastime, allowing them to keep their vehicles in top condition while enjoying taking it on the road and may even enable you to expand your collection in the future.

Pay off the cost of your classic car 2 to 3 times with a free profile

Get paid to drive your own classic car - it's that simple! Classic vehicle owners can receive up to 30 bookings per year via the booking service on BookAclassic. We have owners that have paid off the cost of their classic cars 2 to 3 times over with a free car profile on BookAclassic.

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Get paid to drive your own classic car in film production

Using BookAclassic doesn’t limit car owners to supplying their vehicle for big events and self-drive experiences either, they have an opportunity to let their vehicle be used in a range of production activities from Hollywood film productions to commercials.

BookAclassic have specialized in delivering classic cars and other unique vehicles for film production, giving owners of these beautiful vehicles a chance to show off their car and experience something new. Film crews are eager to showcase a vehicle that fits in with their production, whether that’s a 1930s car that is suitable for a gangster film or a sporty option perfect for the music video of a well-known artist.

The platform can also help you draw customers for using your car for a range of trade shows and exhibitions too. Event organisers know that rare cars can attract and draw an audience, especially if there’s a unique story behind it or you’re willing to be on hand to talk about your vehicle.

Cater to a range of events

As well as accessing the wedding market, there’s plenty more opportunities to make money from you classic or vintage car. From reaching out to high school leavers planning their prom to those organising corporate events you can help them arrive in style to their big event by renting out you vintage or classic car and acting as a chauffeur.

The addition of a classic car can help your customer to create an unforgettable experience and add to the whole atmosphere of the event. Through BookAclassic those considering hiring a car to add to their event can find the right option for them, whether that’s a sublime sporty car or a pre-war vintage vehicle. Using the platform gives classic car enthusiasts access to a whole host of potential customers looking to add something special to their event, allowing them to make money from their investment and hobby and share their passion with others.

Help complete a wedding day look

As many couples embark on planning their wedding they choose to hire a classic or vintage car that gives a sense of romance, elegance and style to their big day, complementing the overall feel. Using BookAclassic can give owners of these cars access to a lucrative market by allowing them to help complete a wedding day look and make the day that extra bit special for the happy couple as they travel in luxury.

Whether you have a sporty convertible perfect for taking to the road for a summer wedding or a stunning vintage car that’s ideal for a snowy backdrop, you can find a market for your vehicle on BookAclassic. Acting as a chauffeur, you can be part of someone’s day and no doubt the photographer will want to take advantage of the classic and beautiful designs of your car and show it off in the wedding photographs, whether it’s a Jaguar or a Cadillac.

Offer a self-driving experience

Lots of people dream of owning their own classic or vintage car but for one reason or another don’t have an opportunity to and will jump at the chance to take an exclusive vehicle out for a spin. Through BookAclassic you can offer your car for rent on a self-drive basis, letting customers experience the thrill and excitement of getting behind the wheel of a top quality car.

Whether a car enthusiast wants to rent your car for a single day or a whole week you can find them through the BookAclassic platform. A self-drive experience is often the ultimate gift for petrol heads and you’ll find there’s lots of opportunities to hire out your car for others to drive, especially if you own a luxurious brand like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Porsche.

BookAclassic takes classic car rental to a new level

Here at BookAclassic we make renting a classic or vintage vehicle quick and simple, with a clear price calculation and booking system that you can use to rent stunning cars all over the world. Our users can forget about filling in lengthy and time-consuming forms filled with irrelevant questions and instead they benefit from an instant price calculation for any car listed on the BookAclassic portal before booking right away. Our highly advanced and unique price and booking algorithm, designed solely for classic vehicle hire, will make sure both renters and owners get the perfect experience for them.

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